Graduate Programme

Data Platforms and Engineering (DPE)

Our Data Platforms and Engineering go to market is our largest workforce and are often involved with initiatives including infrastructure implementation & automation as well as, data engineering & management. Consultants within this community will work with established through to bleeding edge technology often using innovative techniques to build data engineering platforms and solutions. Typical career paths include:

  • Data Engineers
  • Cloud Platform Engineers
  • DevOps engineer
  • Infrastructure Engineers
  • Informatica Engineers
  • Cloud Integration developers
  • Data Streaming specialists

Data Strategy, Governance & Advisory​ (DSGA)

Graduates that join our data strategy, governance and advisory go to market become advisors to custodians of data and are often at the forefront in defining the future of data for our customers. Consultants are not only looking at Strategy and Governance structures, but also the implementation of technical solutions to provide pragmatic governance solutions. In addition, our consultants will be looking at business processes where data is created and how to use cutting edge technology to provide efficiencies and automation solutions to clients. Typical career paths include:

  • Data Governance specialists
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Data Architects
  • PMO specialists

Visualisation Analytics and Insight (VAI)

Our VAI go to market covers the exploitation and monetisation of data through visualisations and inputs to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science applications. Our consultants in this space support organisations, gain real insights into their data through visualisations, provide efficiencies through Robotic Process Automation and work with Cloud based technologies to allow an organisation to take advantage of the new technologies that are providing real transformation. Typical career paths include

  • Data scientists
  • Cloud Data Visualisations developers
  • Robotic Process Automation developers
  • Business Intelligence Developers
  • UI/UX developers for Data Storytelling

Please note that at present we are no longer accepting applications for the Graduate Programme.

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