Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR)

Complementing our core business values

Within Agile Solutions, ethically sound operating practices go hand-in-hand with delivering the best for our customers. We also look beyond our business to contribute however we can to the wider world’s social, economic and environmental development.

As a result, recent CSR initiatives and actions have included:

  • Our first donation scheme to a range of charities – both national organizations, and those that are local to our Glasgow, Manchester and Milton Keynes offices – based on an employee survey
  • Encouraging employees to volunteer for organized charitable programs and events
  • Support of these programs and events, through attendance and financial contributions
  • Extensive recycling in the workplace
  • Minimizing paper waste

The Agile approach

Above all, we strive to improve our CSR performance just as we aim to improve our business performance: year-on-year.

Therefore, we have plans to expand our CSR policy over the coming years so that we can do even more to support the environment and help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Carbon Reduction Plan

Agile Solutions (GB) Ltd is committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 at the latest.

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