StreamSets – Where DevOps meets Data Integration

Design, Deploy, Operate Continuous Data Flows

StreamSets enables DataOps by providing continuous data, continuous operations, continuous governance, and scalable automation. StreamSets was built to help companies tackle Data Drift, an inevitable outcome of data movement.

The StreamSets DataOps platform enables the continuous design and operation of data movement architectures that connect traditional, big data, and cloud sources to analytics platforms and applications.

With StreamSets, you can

  • Solve the pain associated with Data Drift
  • Easily design and share pipeline fragments
  • Achieve end-to-end visibility and control
  • Protect sensitive data as it arrives from a source or moves between compute platforms
  • Enforce dataflow SLA’s and drill down on performance issues
  • Manage hundreds of pipelines from a central hub

The Agile Approach

Agile Solutions have many decades of data management experience between us and our partners leading platforms. Agile Solutions have invested in the relationship with Streamsets to ensure our data engineers are Streamsets certified. Agile Solutions consulting capability brings the ‘data’ subject matter expertise to maximize the customers’ investments in Streamsets solutions.

Working with our end to end technology solutions and Streamsets agile platform, we will be able to help your business achieve successful data platform modernization in order to help you become more flexible, save money, get to market faster and be future proof.

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