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At Agile Solutions, our goal is simple: to deliver the full commercial value of data to our clients, and to create an environment where every member of Team Agile can thrive.

Through our three core service areas, experience, and broadly skilled teams, we help businesses modernize, manage and monetize their data. With advice, support and technical delivery services, we take data projects from inception to completion, making data work harder to drive business goals.

Buying the latest technology won’t make you a Data Driven business. A single Data Quality initiative won’t transform your Data Culture. A switch to the Cloud won’t fix your challenges with Data Silos and accessibility. Advanced Analytics won’t always put you ahead of your competitors. If you want to feel the full commercial impact of your data, you need to examine your vision and strategy, aligned to your Business Strategy: how you manage data, the infrastructure that is best to support it, and the technologies that will enable you to bring your Data Vision to fruition

Our Story

We’re Agile by name, Agile by nature.

When our founders, Steve Whiting and Owen Lewis, established Agile Solutions, they set out to reinvent digital consulting and change the way Data Solutions were delivered to businesses.

They had seen first-hand the adverse impact that archaic, rigid architecture and long, drawn out data project contracts were having on clients, and could see that both were diluting the value of businesses’ data.

They knew that to get real value from data, businesses needed solutions that can change, adapt and scale – and a solutions provider who can do the same.

By creating the Agile Information Management Framework, and employing skilled, experienced talent to deliver it, they created a framework to make every data project as fast, flexible and scalable as possible.

By delivering our solutions in small, manageable increments, we help our clients to be reactive with their data, taking a flexible approach that can adapt to changing circumstances and requirements.

This is Data Solutions as they should be: fast, agile and delivering commercial value at every step. Start discovering the true value of your data. Speak to our team to find out how you can modernize, manage and monetize your data.

Our team

As a business we specialise in data, but it’s our team’s broad range of skills that enable us to bring a unique offering to our clients – and set us apart from our competitors. Team Agile is a diverse mix of people, personalities and expertise allowing us to bring a fresh approach to projects, working in partnership with our clients to create tailor-made solutions. Team Agile will always speak your language and work towards your goals, delivering what’s best for your business.

Our goal has always been to build an excellent place to work – and by listening to our employees, we’re achieving it. In our regular Employee Pulse Survey, we receive incredible feedback from our team. Our consistently high results show an engaged, supported and motivated team, driven by the open, inclusive and diverse culture we work hard to create. This is an environment where every employee feels able to share their views, be heard and be themselves. You can see the full results of our latest survey here.

We focus on wellbeing and development and understand that a relaxed and happy team are more driven to do their best work. It’s a culture we don’t take for granted: we’re always working on new ways to support our employees to thrive and our range of employee perks are always evolving, with benefits including flexible working and family friendly policies, career progression and development opportunities (supported by Skills Framework for the Information Age) and private healthcare.

If you want to join a team that will always value, support and inspire you, visit our careers page to discover the latest job opportunities.

Our Values

Integrity, transparency and, of course, agility are at the heart of everything we do at Agile Solutions.

We put these at the forefront of our actions:

  • To demonstrate agility through our ideas, methods, theories and implementation.
  • To have an open and inclusive culture where people are encouraged to share their views.
  • To be a people focused organisation enabling and empowering our people to deliver success for our customers.
  • To recognise the effort and success of our teams and individuals.
  • To have passionate and driven individuals by fostering development and cultivating inspiration.

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