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Say hello to the Data Lakehouse

If your Data Platform isn’t moving you forward, move on. Snowflake is a modern Data Platform built for any Cloud.

Reap the benefits of Snowflake technology and make better business decisions quicker, get secure and governed access to all accessible data and create and manage all of your data workloads on one platform. Contact us if you would like to size up and scope a rapid Snowflake deployment

From a single platform, Snowflake enables:

  • A Modern Data Warehouse
  • Augmented Data Lakes
  • Secure Data Exchange
  • App Development
  • Advanced Data Science
  • Integrated Data Engineering

Snowflake is a unique approach which allows a multi-cluster shared Data Architecture across any Cloud, secure Data Sharing and Collaboration and a one, near zero, Maintenance Platform Delivered as a Service. Contact us of you would like to understand how snowflake can help you shape your data strategy.

The Agile approach

Partnering with Snowflake, Agile Solutions are able to deliver on the fundamental purpose of strategic data platforms: to enable any user to work with any data, without limits on scale, performance or flexibility.

Utilizing Agile methods, Snowflake and Agile Solutions can deliver a platform as a service that’s powerful but simple to use.

Deployable on Azure or AWS we offer guidance on integration architecture, design best practice, delivery plans, analytics, reporting and devops services.

For a customized Snowflake demonstration, assessment or planning workshop please email or call direct on 01908 010 618 and see how Snowflake can accelerate your cloud journey.

We offer a number of free workshop and assessments. If this is something you would be interested in discussing, please fill in the below form where someone will be in touch shortly.

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