The Aiimi Insight Engine makes understanding your data universe simple.

It creates a data mesh that discovers and interconnects all information across the enterprise, giving you a comprehensive picture of your data universe.

The Data City

Imagine an enterprise organisation as a city full of data and information. Its regional neighbourhoods, like Sales & Marketing, can only see what’s within their neighbourhood. Outside of that, their view is extremely limited, so they waste time searching for information they don’t have access to. Essential data and information remain siloed, not shared, wasting resources and exposing the organisation to governance and compliance risks at scale. To drive insight and efficiency across the enterprise, everyone needs to be able to see everything they need to do their job – no matter where it lives.

The Data Mesh

The Aiimi Insight Engine Data Mesh addresses the data city problem, by discovering new actionable insights across the organisation. Everything stays where it is, but it’s now connected to everything else. And this is what drives value – adding context and insight to all information, wherever it lives so that you have the entire data picture. Through this, the data mesh becomes a very valuable data asset in its own right; one that drives new digital experiences, enabling modelling teams to model better, insight teams to extend their analytical reach, and data scientists to create new models in areas like predictive analytics.

What makes the Aiimi platform different?

  • Enterprise security and access control
  • Lightning fast cross-silo search
  • ‘Build your own’ experience Apps
  • Data & Content interleaved
  • Hyperscale capability

The Agile Approach

Partnering with Aiimi, Agile Solutions can help you reach a complete data vision and full control of the quality and business value of your data assets.

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