An Agile Solutions
Guide to Citizen MDM

As a public sector organization, you are responsible for making everyday lives of thousands of citizens as smooth as possible. In the process, you end up with a goldmine of data on every citizen.

But how is that data actually helping public sector bodies to get to know every citizen better? Whether you’re a local council or a government agency, having a single view of every citizen is a crucial step to serve them better and foster a strong relationship with them. 

How can public sector organizations get a single view of every citizen?

Enter Master Data Management (MDM). This data management approach enables them to draw on accurate data to form a complete picture of citizens’ data: steering decision-making, driving automation, improving efficiency and enhancing experiences. In an increasingly digital world where everyone is used to accessing services at a push of a button, MDM can provide the reliable data needed to create personalized experiences and pathways for citizens, as well as save public sector organizations time and money while also complying with all the necessary regulations.

What are the benefits of MDM for public sector organizations? 

MDM gives you a competitive advantage by helping you to see your citizens better through their data. The better you know your citizens, the better you can serve them as individuals and set up a foolproof framework for the future.

MDM can help a public sector organization to:  

  • Establish a Golden Record for every citizen.
  • Strengthen relationships with citizens by sending them targeted messages.  
  • Create a more transparent network for citizens. 
  • Build a more personal experience for each citizen to better cater to their needs.
  • Make better decisions, informed by accurate and up to date data.  
  • React faster to citizen demands while sticking to budgets and legislation.
  • Create watertight compliance, with information readily available and correctly tagged.

MDM brings citizen data together in one, central source. It doesn’t just focus on the citizen data’s accuracy, but its accessibility, safety and reliability. With the right MDM implementation, every department can access that data, contribute to it, and see one, 360-degree view of thousands of data points to achieve a polished Golden Record of every citizen.

Ready to take your first step towards single citizen view? 

Take a read of Agile Solutions’ in-depth guide to discover how obtaining a ‘Golden Record’ through MDM can help public sector organizations boost their citizens’ experience.