Owen Lewis

Owen Lewis


To make Agile Solutions the first choice for companies looking for a strategic data platform and an ability to utilise their data assets to the full while assuring the ability to achieve this using cost effective agile development methods, cloud platforms and leading data management technology remains central to our business.


As a successful serial entrepreneur and renowned information management thought leader, Owen has over 30 years’ experience of data-orientated businesses and related services. This mixture of innovative vision, experience and proven understanding of large enterprise data-driven innovation has been central to building the strategy of Agile Solutions and the Agile Information Management (AIM) approach to delivering competitive advantage. As part of our drive to re-invent consulting services, Owen stays very close to our clients and is always available to discuss data-orientated business strategies and offer support advice for technology investment and platform vision. Owen offers C-suite support to our clients looking to build a strategic data platform or move to the cloud.

A fellow of the RSA and BCS, Owen advises a number of investors regarding technology and disruption.