Jet2’s MDM journey
with Agile Solutions.

How Jet2 achieved a 360° view of every customer.

From 68 million records and 8 data sources… to a single view of every customer.

Award-winning airline Jet2 had no shortage of data – but it was spread across eight different data sources, and duplicates were rife. To get the marketing results they wanted, they needed high-quality data that painted a more complete picture of their customers, rather than giving insight into each booking in isolation.

Working with Informatica’s Master Data Management (MDM) and Data Quality toolsets, Agile Solutions deployed a solution that would give Jet2 access to the data they needed for their goals and bring all customer data into one central, accessible platform.

Find out how Agile Solutions worked with Jet2 to shift their data view, enable them to start seeing the customers behind their bookings – and target their marketing to real holidaymakers, not just duplicate names on a database.

Download Agile Solutions Jet2 case study.