Data Management Culture:
Data Strategy and Data Governance

The explosive growth in data is leading to a need for digital transformation of businesses, as the only way for them to succeed in the new digital economy.

This transformation requires a shift in emphasis from data as an enabler of process to data as a process driver.

Organizations that appreciate the strategic importance of data and the need for change also need to realize the necessity of basing this change on a data management culture. Though encompassing both a data strategy and a data culture, this is different from, and more comprehensive than, either.

It is enterprise-wide – recognizing that data can no longer sit exclusively in the IT domain but must be part of the whole organizational structure. It appreciates that good data governance is good business governance. It understands the different types of data, and how to optimize their usefulness. It knows that the new business models, new products and new services of the digital economy demand not just new processes and new technologies, but an entirely new and long-term mindset – a data management culture that will help their company to transform, survive and thrive.

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