Customer Insights

Customer expectations continue to grow. Today's consumers want brands to get to know them and provide relevant offers and recommendations to their specific interests and needs. At Agile solutions we empower organizations to unify and understand its customer data to derive insights to attract, convert, retain customers and personalize the customer journey.

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1.Synapse & Customer Insights: 1 Day Workshop

Summary: Analysis and information gathering for Synapse, Power BI & Customer Insights


1 Day Workshop & Planning engagement to identify business use cases, infrastructure requirements, Azure architecture and delivery of a Customer Insights solution.

Customer Experience Challenges:
A great customer experience drives loyalty and protects business revenue. To compete on customer experience is to win the war on loyalty while ensuring compliance to regulation. Understanding your customers and their evolving expectations requires customer insights with an actionable ability to acquire new customers, go beyond onboarding and drive loyalty through relevant ongoing engagement.
Any customer facing business needs to personalise and target communications, identify cross service and product opportunities that were previously hidden. Act and correct negative customer concerns and avoid repeating questioning or communications. Prioritise top customers to offer the quality that aligns to their value.

Agile Solutions Azure Data Platform Options:
* Migrate & Integrate data from on premise/cloud sources with Azure Data Factory & Synapse Pipelines
* Analyse, Visualise and report on Customer activity through Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake, Azure Databricks, PowerBI and Customer Insights (CI)
* Manage & Govern your data with Azure Purview
* Monetise your data through Azure Machine learning & D365 Marketing

Planning Workshop Covers 5 key agenda items
* Establish appropriate source systems & potential use cases
* Analyse options to optimise the solution to your organisations needs
* Provide architectural diagrams outlining agreed technology deployment
*Gather information required for a delivery plan & technology roadmap

Outcome from the 1 day workshop
A completed programme delivery plan & statement of work including:
* Executive Summary
* Required Architecture & related diagrams
* Project & Resource Plans

2.Customer Insights & Synapse Deployment 5 day Workshop

Summary: A short infrastructure delivery engagement to set up Azure Synapse and Customer Insights, Machine Learning and Power BI


This Synapse, Customer Insights (CI) & Power BI customer data platform (CDP) deployment is designed to get you started with a ready to go Azure Advance Analytics Platform within your business.

We deploy Azure Synapse, Customer Insights & Power BI across a shared Azure data lake with the ability to run advanced customer analytics insights and reporting out of the box. This implementation can be utilised as part of a Pilot deployment, a limited Proof of Concept or a more extensive minimal viable product if deployed with selected use cases. This platform can be further enhanced with Azure Purview & Azure Machine Learning to further enhance your Management and Monetisation of your data.

Standard Deliverables:
• Azure Subscription deployment for the PoC/Pilot
• Deployment and configuration of Azure Data Lake
• Deployment and configuration of Azure Synapse
• Deployment and configuration of Customer Insights
• Deployment and connecting of Power BI
• Initial population of customer data from a selected source
• Expose output of Customer Insights and Synapse output to Power BI
• Demonstrate out of the box Customer Insights capability

Day 1
Kick-Off meeting, review of your current Business Intelligence (BI)\Analytics processes and finalize the scope of POC/Pilot with you.
Identify if an extended Minimal Viable Product engagement is required

Day 2
Provisioning of Azure Subscription, Deploy Azure Synapse, Azure Data Lake, Customer Insights and Power BI.

Day 3
Test connections and source data from a selected system. Integrate data into Synapse, Customer Insights for POC scenarios.

Day 4
Expose Customer Insights outputs to Synapse into Power BI

Day 5
Complete demonstration and showcase of capability

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