Cloud Data Warehouse

Cloud Data Warehouse Consulting Services

We’re helping our customers to unlock the potential of their data even further by harnessing the power of the Cloud. One vital component of modernizing, managing, and monetizing your data is a Cloud-based Data Warehouse (or Cloud Data Lakehouse). By providing a single version of the truth, a well-structured Cloud Data Warehouse gives access to everyone who needs that data, when they need it, where they need it, securely. 

But implementing a system such as this is not a one size fits all exercise. Like every component that makes up your data transformation, it needs to work within your digital framework to meet your overall business goals.  

Taking this journey without the right external expertise carries risks - including loss of important information due to incorrect implementation. We can help you get to where you need to go without falling into those common pitfalls along the way. Read on to learn more about our cloud data warehouse consulting services.



Resolving your Data Access challenges

While a traditional on-premises Data Warehouse can be created to hold the data you need, cloud-based systems can deliver the same levels of Data Security while having significant advantages such as not being limited by on-site architecture, outdated equipment or constrained capacity. As your push towards predictive analytics grows, the flexibility they bring opens up new horizons for real-time observability, on-demand deep learning, scalability, and insights. 

Understandably, Cloud Data Warehouses are a popular choice for our customers - but they are not a 'plug and play' solution. Experienced consultants understand that there are different stages of implementation, and every stage needs to be addressed with skill and experience to get the best results from your warehouse:


Stage 1: Strategy Definition

The first step in your Cloud Data Warehouse transformation is to create a strategy to define commercial goals and how a data Cloud Data Warehouse will help deliver them. Naturally, a strategy needs research. What will that entail? 

A Cloud Data Warehouse consultant will align with key decision makers and project individuals to ensure the model chosen is correct, and optimally fits your Data Strategy contributing to your long-term goals. Our Cloud Data Warehouse Consultant can advise on a range of different Cloud Data Warehouse options, such as Cloud Host Specific (e.g. AWS Redshift, Azure Synapse), Third Party Cloud (e.g. Snowflake), etc.


Stage 2: Implementation

Once the strategy definition stage is complete, the next step is to build a robust Cloud Data Warehouse that supports your digital transformation. 

Automation is the name of the game, and our Cloud Data Warehouse knows this. In the Implementation stage, for example, they will carry out a host of checks to ensure any machine learning is viable from the start. 

From securing quality data, to enhancing security to provide robust safeguards for sensitive information - our consultant will ensure it fits your requirements and is delivered into a smooth operation. 


Stage 3: Organization

Every piece of historical data that needs to be moved into your Cloud Data Warehouse must be organized. You need to know what everything is, where it is, and where it needs to go to ensure the transition is smooth and the information accessible once complete. Fail to do this, and you risk loss.  

Our Cloud Data Warehouse consultant will guide you in this organization, ensure the architecture in place is fully optimized to be able to receive the information, as well as allow for future scalability. 


Stage 4: Support

Much like a Data Governance consultant, our Cloud Data Warehouse consultant will be your pillar for support. Your goals may change over time, and you may need new architecture to support new data inputs, but no matter your needs, and no matter how often they change to meet your business goals, our consultant will provide the updates needed, ensuring your system stays viable and reliable. 


The main benefits when using cloud data warehouse consulting services

Cloud Data Warehouse Consulting Services with Agile Solutions

Working with our Cloud Data Warehouse consultant brings more than an experienced hand and an external perspective when implementing the Cloud Data Warehouse itself. We also lay the groundwork for a multitude of benefits beyond the build phases:


A carefully created autonomous Cloud Data Warehouse can provide the one thing all companies strive for: high-quality data.

Fewer errors

Over time, by applying automation, human involvement will reduce, therefore the risks that are associated with them are mitigated. 


Across all departments of your organization, you can run advanced analytics and improve business intelligence.


With a Cloud Data Warehouse, you are able to move forward into the future knowing you have many different options available. If you find yourself needing insights from unstructured, and semi-structured data then the move to a Cloud Data Lakehouse is a straightforward step. Whenever you need more storage capacity or computing power, these can be brought in as needed and released again when no longer needed.

Our Cloud Data Warehouse consultant will be able to help you t respond to your changing needs, wherever your journey takes you.

In short, to successfully meet your business data goals, you need an Agile Cloud Data Warehouse consultant to guide you. 


The Agile Approach to our Cloud Data Warehouse Consulting Services

Our approach begins with analyzing your business needs. Together with our consultants, we are able to pinpoint the goals you wish to achieve with the system. Through our partners Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Snowflake, we’re able to design and deliver your Cloud Data Lakehouse or Warehouse that is aligned for present and future goals.

Throughout the process, our consultants will advise as well as help you manage ongoing operations and enable your own staff to take on operational management. We bring the expertise and skills in tailoring our Partners’ products to meet your specific needs, and ensuring your organization is ready to maximize the business benefit.