Agile Mentoring

Course Overview

The Agile mentoring service is aimed at ensuring that projects are being run correctly and adhering to a delivery approach that is both Agile and suitable for the client organisation. The service is delivered as a fixed number of days’ consulting from a senior Agile methodology practitioner. The mentoring can be delivered as part of a programme or delivery management facility for several operating or proposed projects.

The service includes:

  • Immediate recommendations – to offer rapid improvement to current project management and solution delivery
  • Ongoing mentoring – all project levels will have access to advice and assistance from the Agile mentor regarding their practice of Agile methods for their current scenario

The Agile mentoring session is a fixed-duration assignment based on client requirements.

Agile Solutions will provide a pathway to success for your Agile initiative through quantitative and qualitative assessment of the way in which your Agile practice is currently operating. It can cover every aspect of Agile operations from technical engineering practices such as DevOps through team and organisation structures, roles and responsibilities. It can cover backlog management, planning, reviews and retrospectives, mind-set and cultures. It can be applied across single or multiple teams right up to the largest programmes and enterprises.

Ideal for

An understanding of the ‘Big Picture’ is essential to all those involved in adopting agile: IT managers, Project Managers, Product Owners, Senior Management, Senior Technical Leaders.

Learning Objectives

  • Our highly experienced Agile consultants will work with your team and their stakeholders using a mixture of interviews and observations to produce an Assessment Report covering key aspects of agile with comments to provide context and explanation. Findings and recommendations are then presented on completion of the Assessment to enable the creation of an Improvement Action plan.


The Agile mentoring session is a fixed-duration assignment based on client requirements.