9.5 million customers:
one cloud-based data view

One of Europe’s largest credit management companies wanted to use data to get the best outcomes for their customers and their investors. They knew that reliable, up-to-date and accessible data was critical to:

  • Improving customer experience 
  • Extracting value from their accounts
  • Protecting vulnerable people on their books 

Yet their data foundations weren’t up to the task. Without a single customer view, and the data quality and data governance needed to achieve it, they knew that they couldn’t achieve their ambitions plans with data. 

They needed to manage their data, to create a single source of information, and modernise their infrastructure with a flexible, accessible cloud-based platform in order to meet their goals. 

This is how they did it.

To drive their organisation into its new digital future, they embarked on a three-year transformation with Agile Solutions and Informatica, to dramatically change how their organisation interacts with and uses data. 

In this case study, you’ll discover how the enterprise used cloud-native MDM to democratise data in their organisation, enabling them to better connect with customers, enhance governance, launch future innovations with confidence and ultimately gain trust in their data. 

The impact? Over £18 million identified in unallocated debt, £0.5 million saved instantly in infrastructure costs and a more collaborative approach to data. Find out how they moved from shaky data foundations to building a stable launchpad to explore future growth with data: download the case study.