6 Data & Technology
trends critical to your
data strategy in 2024

The 2024 edition of Gartner’s much-anticipated annual ‘10 Strategic Technology Trends’ outlines the developments that will be driving businesses’ data and technology decisions in 2024 and the following few years.

Knowing where your peers and competitors will be planning and investing, how do you capitalise on the trends and opportunities that present themselves, and how do you implement the technology that will support those initiatives?

At Agile Solutions, we advise clients on the planning, strategy and delivery of transformational digital initiatives. Of the ten trends that Gartner identifies as strategic priorities for 2024, we have taken a deep dive into the six that we view as the most pressing. Here is our guide to staying ahead of the curve on the trends for 2024. 

  1. Levelling the workforce playing field with democratised generative AI 
  2. Anticipating new risks with AI trust, risk, and security management (AI TRiSM) 
  3. Augmenting development with AI 
  4. Augmenting and connecting the workforce 
  5. Selling to machine customers 
  6. Making technology sustainable 

Get your copy today and capitalise on the emerging technology that matters to your business.